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To: Tandridge District Council

Save the William IV pub

Save the William IV pub

List the William IV pub, Bletchingley, as an Asset of Community Value so the community may be offered the opportunity to arrange a purchase of the freehold of this pub.

Why is this important?

The pub was sold to developers by Young’s Brewery, even though an offer to purchase to run this as a community pub was made not far off the full market value. This was declined by them. Meanwhile locals were informed that the pub was being sold as a going concern only to find it boarded up overnight and sold to developers.

The William IV is the only non-gastro, hotel or family orientated pub left in the village. It had planning rejected on it in the past as the council deemed it important to the community. It has a very special atmosphere and there are very few places in the country left like this pub.

The William IV is the beating heart of our community, where community and charitable events are organised, old and young mix and discussions are held on village life. Once the pub is developed it will be will be gone forever. Since its closure, people are travelling outside the village to socialise and have been split apart.

Please list this pub as an Asset of Community Value, so we have the chance to rescue the heart of our village.

William IV, Little Common Lane, Bletchingley, Surrey, RH14QF

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