To: Weald Parish Council

Save The Windmill - Weald's last remaining Pub

Save The Windmill - Weald's last remaining Pub

Apply for the Windmill Pub to become an Asset of Community Value

Why is this important?

The Windmill is the last of 7 pubs which once thrived in Weald. It is at the heart of the community and, along with the school, the shop and the church, is one of the four vital pillars of our village. However, the current owners and management are looking to move on, and so the pub is for sale again.

According to research commissioned by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), carried out by Oxford university:

“People who have a local pub are happier, have more friends and feel more engaged with their local communities. Many pubs help provide space for the local people to meet, tackle loneliness, and strengthen the local community.”

Further to this, the value of properties in Weald could diminish significantly 'with the loss of the pub. A recent study by online estate agent Tepilo found that a quarter of homebuyers like to be within walking distance of a pub, calling it a 'must' when buying their next home.

Less than 5 years ago The Windmill was CAMRA's Kent Region Pub of the year and therefore we feel that there must be life left in this village life-line yet. If you agree please sign this petition to help protect it's status as a pub by applying to make it an Asset of Community Value

How it will be delivered

Email and deliver in person

Sevenoaks Weald, Sevenoaks

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