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To: Torbay Council

Protect Torquay Pavilion + Emergency Repairs Now!

Enough is enough. Torquay Pavilion has been closed for over a decade. During that time, significant damage has been caused by water ingress. The structural steel frame and the ornate plaster interior are both severely affected. Expert advice in 2013 made it clear that temporary roofs should cover the sections where leaks were known already to be occurring. This was never actioned. A decade of avoidable damage has since occurred, massively increasing the cost of restoration. Torquay Pavilion must now be protected from further harm whilst emergency repairs are undertaken to ensure the building has any kind of future.

Why is this important?

Torquay Pavilion is a much-loved asset that has been cherished for generations since it opened in 1912. People power prevented its planned demolition by the Council in the 1970s. The Community has fought again for its future since the Pavilion's long-term leaseholder, MDL Marinas, closed it as a shopping centre in 2013. Working hard to take successful legal action against the Council in 2018, the Community defeated a damaging, barely viable and unlawfully-permitted scheme incorporating the building. People power is needed once more to ensure that the building survives.

Torquay, UK

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