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To: South Hams District Council

Save Totnes Sunday Good Food Market

04/11/18 Great news
The Totnes Sunday Good Food Market has been saved. South Hams District Council has reached an agreement with Ray Reynolds, the market operator. The award winning market will continue to be operated under the stewardship of Ray and will hopefully go from strength to strength.

Thanks for signing the petition and this played a part in getting the council to talk to Ray to bring about an agreement.


John Birch

Save Totnes Sunday Good Food Market

Please allow the current market operator to continue running the Sunday Good Food Market in Totnes.

Why is this important?

The monthly award winning Sunday Good Food Market is under threat due to South Hams District Council hoodwinking the market operator into giving notice.

The current operator was thinking of retiring and a friend was willing to carry on running the market as it has been since 2010.

SHDC was approached and said the transfer wouldn't be a problem and that a new licence could be issued to the replacement operator but first the current operator would have to give notice of termination.

This he did and after receipt SHDC went back on its word by refusing to issue a new licence and stated that it was going out to tender for a new operator.

Had SHDC been straight with the current operator and said right from the beginning that in the event of him retiring it intended to put the market out to tender then the termination notice would not have been given and the market would have continued.

I have asked SHDC to allow the operator to withdraw his termination notice so that the market can continue. I have also asked for a meeting between the operator and a member of the Executive.

SHDC currently refuse to engage and there is a real danger the Sunday Good Food Market will cease after December.


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Reasons for signing

  • Does this really need to go out to tender, or is the Council taking an over-zealous approach to procurement, as is all too often the case in the public sector?
  • This market grew out of the vision of one man, the current operator, and all he wanted to do on his retirement was to pass the baton to someone who would continue to nurture it in the same way. If it were to be taken on by SHDC it would lose its unique style which draws so many people to Totnes each time it is held and custom would drop off. It benefits not only the market traders but shops, cafes and pubs and swells the council’s coffers through the car park charges!
  • Why does this council continually let is community down with underhand tactics. Let's get behind this market and show our full support to the town and its traders. These are people I've com to know as friends, and the idea that SHDC may create uncertainty for their prosperity really angers me! Sign and share


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