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To: Nigel Serafini, Managing Director of Lothian Buses

Save Tramways Bowling Green for Pilrig

Save Tramways Bowling Green for Pilrig

Stop the sale of the Tramways Bowling Green and transfer it to the Tramways Community Garden.

Why is this important?

The Tramways Bowling Club, now closed, goes back over a hundred years. Their green was gifted to them by the old Edinburgh Tramways Company. Lothian Buses inherited it by pure luck. Now they want to take it from the local community and sell it to a private developer, flying in the face of Edinburgh Council's policy to provide more green spaces. It is totally unsuited for commercial development, being situated in the corner of a quiet crescent in the corner of Pilrig and surrounded by homes. A local charity, with the agreement of the club, were going to turn it into a public garden for the local population. Edinburgh Council own Lothian Buses and should tell them to hand the site over.

Edinburgh, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • With huge demand for allotments, this land should be a community garden.
  • Its needed in the area bowling is a great sport.
  • The site is inaccessible other than by foot and is in a residential area. Further development would be inappropriate and difficult. There is an electricity substation next door. Would you want to live there? We need more community growing space. Make them allotments.


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