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To: Pembrokeshire County Council

Save Trecadwgan Farm for the Community

Save Trecadwgan Farm for the Community

Immediately Cancel the Public Auction of Trecadwgan county council farm and work with the community for an Asset Transfer to create a visionary community run farm including wheat, milling & bread production, mixed farming, educational opportunities, wellbeing, healing and a new processing facility for local producers, re-wilding and much more.
We have a number of days to save this historic farm for a number of generations.

Why is this important?

Trecadwgan is a historic place, dating back to the 15th century with links to a Welsh Prince named Cadwgan. It is in an ideal place for a community run farm based on the principles of Food Sovreignty, Agroecology and Biodynamic Agriculture. The is an opportunity to create something wonderful for generations to come if the county council are prepared to work with us and cancel the auction.

Solva, Haverfordwest

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Reasons for signing

  • The Cymric countryside needs protection! Preserve and use it wisely, or bemoan its loss later.
  • I love to see communities taking on projects like this.
  • It is a beautiful rural place untouched by man in many ways. Simple projects such as the community farm help it remain that way and teach future generations how to live and work on the land, something they may need in the future x


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