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To: Westminster council

Save Trisha's

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about the potential closure of Evaristo (aka Trisha's), a beloved members club that has been a cornerstone of our community for many years. We believe that this club is an essential part of our community and provides a valuable service to its members.

The club has served the community for over 70 years and is considered by many to be a reflection of the real Soho, retaining the character and charm of years gone by. It's a place you can go on your own and leave with new friends. A place where there are no airs and graces and people are free to be themselves. It's a place that prides itself on making people feel welcome. A hub for the local community for many years, Trisha's has brought together people from all walks of life. It has provided a safe and welcoming space for members to socialise, relax, and have a drink while enjoying good music.

We call on Westminster Council to:

Recognise the value that Trisha's brings to the community and take all possible steps to keep the club open.

Why is this important?

The club and its licence is under review and there is a threat of closure from Westminster Council. We believe that this would be a great loss to our community and support is needed in order to prevent the club being forced to close its doors.

We believe that with the support of its members and the wider community, Trisha's can continue to thrive and provide a valuable service to its members for many more years to come.

Please sign this petition to show your support and to urge the powers that be to keep the club open.

Soho, London, UK

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