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Save TSB branches in Argyll & Bute from closure

Save TSB branches in Argyll & Bute from closure
Argyll & Bute has had to put up with the systematic erosion of services by private companies, notably bank and post office branches, in recent years. This has got to stop.

TSB has announced that 164 more of their branches will close with 900 jobs going with them. Five of these branches are in Argyll & Bute - Helensburgh, Dunoon, Campbeltown, Lochgilphead and Rothesay. We cannot lose these services.

Why is this important?

In choosing to leave towns, companies like the TSB are only looking at the effects on their corporate balances and are completely ignoring the people who will be affected by these cuts - particularly their own, hardworking staff who are also valued members of our communities.

Companies like the TSB, and RBS and Clydesdale Bank before them, need to understand the importance of their services, but also their presence, in these communities.

In the last five years this constituency has lost ten bank branches, three of them in Rothesay alone.

Any decision to remove physical services and branches from Argyll & Bute will have a detrimental effect on the people who live in the area and use these services.
More long term, any withdrawal from these communities will also add large, vacant premises to the High Streets. In the aftermath of Covid and Brexit our High Streets will need support to recover and thrive. Abandoning them now will not aid these recovery efforts.

Banking services must be secured in Argyll & Bute, not eroded any further.

Lochgilphead, UK

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