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To: Ealing Council

Save Warren Farm

Save Warren Farm

Please reverse your plans to gift the 61 acres of Warren Farm School Sports centre to QPR, a rich, commercial, for profit operation.
Please return Warren Farm to community use for multi-sports and the benefit of the public of Ealing, Southall and all of London.

Why is this important?

The loss of Warren Farm School Sports centre will deny many school children, local sports clubs and associations a place to play sports and keep fit. Many local schools have no sports field to play on. Warren Farm contains the best pitches in the borough with excellent drainage in the winter. Its 61 acres provides one of the few centres in London with enough space for multi-sport tournaments.
Public land is being gifted or signed away to commercial operations all over the country at an alarming rate to the detriment of the tax paying public. This has to stop before we have no public open space left. Please start by Saving Warren Farm.
You can help by donating to our legal challenge to quash the planning permission at;

Reasons for signing

  • The decision is unjustifiable. It provides no benefit to residents of Ealing. I believe it should remain accessible for community sports activities, but if it were to be leased to QPR, it should be mutually beneficial and fair - i.e. they pay a fair rent on a term that is no more than 25 years, extendable to 50 subject to independent review.
  • It is a travesty that this MOL that gives so much enjoyment to many can be given away for 200 years by councillors that are supposed to be representing the interests of the community, rather than individual multi-million pound commercial interests.
  • Warren Farm is public land and Metropolitan open space, used and enjoyed by the community for many many years. Strongly disagree with council more or less giving the land away to a commercial organisation.


2017-03-12 10:08:40 +0000

Campaigners disappointed by Warren Farm Judicial Review Decision

Save Warren Farm Campaign yesterday lost in their High Court Judicial Review to quash Ealing Council's decision to grant permission for a First Team Training and Academy Facility for Queens Park Rangers Football Club at Warren Farm, a publicly-owned school sports facility. Members of the Campaign and supporting local residents are deeply disappointed by the decision.

We are considering an application to the Court of Appeal with our legal team, Richard Buxton Environmental and Public Law Solicitors and Marc Willers QC.

Save Warren Farm Campaign continues to fundraise to cover the legal costs and anyone who is able to support the action can donate via their website at

2016-11-09 12:27:38 +0000

We have launched a Crowd Funding page to help raise the funds to challenge Ealing Councils (well, a few Labour councillors and officers) decision to gift Warren Farm School Sports Centre to QPR. QPR is part owned by billionaire Lakshmi Mittal who, coincidentally donates £millions to the Labour party.
If you donate to fund our Judicial Review you will not only be helping to save our local sports field but also setting a precedent for preventing the wonton gifting of public land to undeserving corporations.

2016-09-07 14:48:11 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2016-09-07 14:11:05 +0100

500 signatures reached

2016-09-06 14:29:52 +0100

NEW JUDICIAL REVIEW - Save Warren Farm Group FIGHT ON - Letters before Action have been served on Ealing Council and QPR as to the legality of the decision to grant planning permission, to "gift" 61 acres of pristine bio-diverse public protected Metropolitan Open land to a ltd company for no financial compensation.

Residents in Ealing are not supportive of the scheme, and they do not believe it is a good deal for the Borough at all, therefore they have no choice but to continue to fight the Council, by challenging their decision in a new judicial review.

Please donate now if you wish to support this the next Judicial review, make the strength of your opinion know by supporting the legal fund. 100% of all donations go directly to the legal fund. We fight on to save this amazing "green lung" for Ealing and it's future generations for 200 years.

2016-08-30 11:02:22 +0100

100 signatures reached

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