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To: Glasgow City Council/Glasgow Life

Save Whiteinch Burgh Hall

Save Whiteinch Burgh Hall

Given its proximity to Whiteinch Library and Scotstoun Leisure Centre, Glasgow Life could restore and repurpose Whiteinch Burgh Hall in order to provide the residents of Whiteinch and Scotstoun with additional leisure options.

The aim of this petition is to start a proactive dialogue about funding opportunities between Glasgow City Council/Glasgow Life and the communities that stand to benefit from the preservation and repurposing of Whiteinch Burgh Hall.

Why is this important?

Formerly housing Whiteinch Police Station and Whiteinch Fire Station, the 1894 building was last used as a social work and community centre, but has lain derelict since 2002.

The Burgh Hall has an unusual and unique style. The architectural language of the Burgh Hall can be seen elsewhere in other Scottish buildings of the period, with an Italian renaissance influence. The building bears the coat of arms of the Burgh of Partick, only becoming part of the City of Glasgow 1912.

The building has received essential and remedial repairs in previous years, including roof repairs, stonework repairs, removal of vegetation and general maintenance. In total, over £18,000 has been spent over these years with the works aimed at ensuring public safety, securing the building and keeping the building wind and watertight by City Property Glasgow.

Whiteinch, Glasgow G14, UK

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