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To: Steve Brine MP

Save Winchester A and E

The NHS are proposing to close the A&E department at Winchester Hospital. We believe this is a huge mistake.
We desperately need A&E provision in our very busy city.
It is quite literally a lifeline.  
With a rapidly growing population through housebuilding in and around the city. 
With a renowned university, The Cathedral and its Christmas Market attracting many visitors, other historic attractions nearby, a prison, a large sixth-form college, the railway station nearby, many shops and businesses, farming and agriculture, and some light industry. 
Plus many surrounding towns and villages which depend on Winchester’s hospital.  
And a significant number of care homes, sheltered housing and other provision for the elderly... such as the excellent facilities provided by St John's Winchester.  
The proposed replacement of an "Urgent Treatment Centre" would be staffed by GPs.  This would be totally inadequate for the complex problems regularly encountered at our A&E.

Why is this important?

Every day, every night, Winchester's A&E department is extremely busy. Saving lives. Patching up injured children, agricultural workers, OAPs from care homes, students, casualties from road traffic accidents, revellers who've overdosed on alcohol or drugs, and all kinds of people. Virtually everyone in the city and the surrounding towns will have a family member or friend who has passed through this department. There is currently a consultation - open until 17 March. We need people to respond to this consultation and express their views on the proposed NHS changes. Save our Winchester A&E!
IMPORTANT - Please make your views known on the Hampshire Together Consultation:

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