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To: UK Government

Say No to £15million Thatcher museum

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Andy Clarke
Say No  to £15million Thatcher museum

The Conservative Government's plans to build a museum to remember Margaret Thatcher should be shelved.

Why is this important?

If we remember Margaret Thatcher in this way it would be disrespectful not to build a similar museum for Clement Attlee, where it could be argued he did more for the greater good of the Country rather than promote self interest.

A few years ago there were rumours that the museum could be publicly funded. But no matter who's paying for this museum, even building it is in poor taste because Thatcher was the architect of so many damaging government policies. We don't need or want an expensive museum to remember her by!

Reasons for signing

  • The museum thatcher needs no money to them she not nice lady all today please down do this be stop
  • Maggie stole the milk from children. Margaret Thatcher let the rich get richer and the poor ended up poorer due to the conservatives policies.
  • Apartheid.


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