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To: National Grid, The Right Honourable Kwasi Kwarteng MP

SAY NO TO 180km of Essex Suffolk Norfolk pylons - and build a strategic offshore grid instead

SAY NO TO 180km of Essex Suffolk Norfolk pylons - and build a strategic offshore grid instead

Proposals for power lines and pylons over 180km of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex’s beautiful countryside between Norwich & Tilbury must be shelved.
A strategic offshore grid is needed instead.
In National Grid’s so-called ‘East Anglia Green’ project the precious, historic and rural landscapes of East Anglia will be industrialised, with 50-metre high pylons. Tourist and hospitality businesses that are dependent on their landscape will be at risk and farmers will see their farms criss-crossed by pylons. Thousands of trees may be lost to make way for the pylons. There are potential public health risks associated with high transmission power lines. We need to protect East Anglia’s stunning landscapes.
In their 2020 report to Parliament, the Committee on Climate Change called for government to ‘Develop a strategy to coordinate interconnectors and offshore networks for wind farms and their connections to the onshore network and bring forward any legislation necessary to enable coordination’.
National Grid’s proposals must be shelved. Only one option has been presented to the public, and there are other alternatives that need to be assessed and presented for consultation.
We call on the government to:
• Protect East Anglia’s landscapes. They are precious, historic and beautiful and must not be descecrated by pylons.
• Adopt a strategic approach to electricity transmission grid planning for the east of England
• Bring forward new legislation to replace the current piecemeal, patch and mend approach that is adopted by the national grid and Ofgem
• Replace the need for pylons across countryside with an offshore ‘ring main’ to serve new nuclear power stations and wind turbines and take electricity where it is needed.

Why is this important?

East Anglia's precious historic landscapes and beautiful countryside are at risk from this proposal to build 180km of 50-metre high pylons between Norwich and Tilbury. This is not the right way to do things. There needs to be a government strategy for an offshore grid.

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