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To: Lewisham Council

Say No to 19 storeys in Catford

UPDATE! 5/9/16 Lewisham Council’s Planning Dept have just confirmed that Barratt London have finally withdrawn their planning application for a 19 storey tower. They will instead implement the original consent for an 8 storey block on the site between the stations.

This is a fantastic victory for sustained grassroots community action, and could not have happened without the support of all 1639 of you. A big thank you to everyone who turned out for the crucial Planning Committee meeting in March: this massive demonstration of local opposition contributed hugely to this wonderful final outcome. And special thanks to all those who helped spread the word locally, e.g. by distributing leaflets. We could not have summoned up such powerful and effective opposition without you.

Say No to 19 storeys in Catford

Refuse planning permission for a 19 storey tower block in Catford Green

Why is this important?

We call on Lewisham Councillors to reject the planning application for a 19 storey tower block beside Catford Station, where there is already an approved plan to meet Lewisham's housing needs. This plan should be enforced and any future proposals consulted on widely. A 19 storey building is wholly disproportionate and out of keeping with the human scale of the area. Approval would set a very dangerous precedent that would affect the whole of Catford.

Catford, London

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Reasons for signing

  • Simply too tall and out of keeping with the new development.
  • People that work or live near by will be affected ,not much light or view. I'm already feeling sorry for them ....
  • There are too many people here already. The transport system is overcrowded and there aren't the resources in Catford to cater for another mass influx, plus it will be another eyesore, look at what they've done to Lewisham. A nightmare.


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