To: Croydon Council

Say No to 8am-8pm Parking Excess

Croydon wants to bring in 8am-8pm Monday to Sunday parking restrictions in Broad Green, starting with Canterbury Road and surrounding streets. They will then roll it out across the borough.
Tell Parking Design Team you object:
Tel: 020 8726 7100 -

Why is this important?

Parking enforcement will have a field day - but residents, visitors,
parents doing the school drop, faith groups and businesses will
lose out. This 365 days a year of severe parking control is a money making venture by the council. Broad Green is over-built and this is causing congestion - the council is penalising residents when it is to blame.

How it will be delivered

Contact the Council and object to the proposal
Sign the petition
Write a letter or email
Make a phone call - and register your objection

London Borough of Croydon

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Reasons for signing

  • I live in Croydon & it's bad enough with parking restrictions & paying for parking is expensive.
  • I think this will affect bussiness and cost people more in addition to what we already paying the council tax.
  • Its better


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