To: Merseyrail & Steve Rotheram Liverpool metro mayor

Say NO to driver only trains. Keep the guards.

Say NO to driver only trains. Keep the guards.

Petition against getting rid of the guards on trains.

Why is this important?

Merseyrail plan to axe 220 guard roles due to a new fleet of ‘driver only’ trains, which will be introduced in 2020. It's a bid to save cash, but train guards do all sorts of jobs, from helping when we’ve missed a connection, to being someone we can rely on if ever there’s an emergency. Such as my situation.

So last night, I was getting the train home from a fab night, had a bit to drunk and was very vulnerable. Waited at Liverpool central for the train to Ellesmere Port and I got the 9:30 train. Let the guard at the station know I needed that train to make sure I got on it. Finally got on the train where I sat next to the window and put my bag and shoes next to me whilst I went onto my phone.

About half way through the journey the train guard came down and sat opposite, asked if I was ok and mentioned where I was getting off to then he asked me to come sit further up the train to ensure I got off safely. Few stops went past and he gestured to another young woman to come down and sit near him so she did.. as she was trying to get a taxi to which she couldn't. He then told us a man had been following me down the train and looking through the reflection and eyeing me up and standing right behind my chair. Unsure of his intentions. Then when I got moved he then began to do the same to the other lady.

If it wasn't for the guard being very vigilant and observing what was going on I wouldn't know what could have happened to myself or the other lady. Especially due to the past few days there has been a number of sexual assaults.

My boyfriend was waiting for me just over the bridge who then took the other lady home so she was safe.

This is why we need the train guards to protect those who maybe vulnerable on trains and to diffuse any situation that may happen. This is why We need to say NO to driver only trains, I am very grateful to that guard and the way Merseyrail dealt with the situation.

Why is saving money and cuts more important than people's safety?


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Reasons for signing

  • safety on trains is important especially for women, elderly and young kids etc
  • safer at night
  • Jobs should being made not got rid of. Also..for me, its a safety for all travellers.


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