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To: East Devon District Council

Say NO to East Devon Business Park

This campaign has ended.

Say NO to East Devon Business Park

Please reject the application to build a three hectare Industrial Business Park on AONB land in the village of Sidford in East Devon.

Why is this important?

This is prime agricultural land in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, situated on a known flood risk plain, and home to much wild life, including several protected bat species. The typically narrow Devon access roads to this area are woefully inadequate to cope with the existing traffic and more expected large vehicles, would add to this problem. The lack of pavements in Sidbury village already put school children at risk and there is still no cycle path to link the two villages. The sheer size and height of the development would dominate the landscape, devalue adjacent existing properties and cause noise and light pollution (hugely affecting the nearby 100 year old Norman Lockyer Observatory). Flooding of roads and properties occurred 4 times in 2012. Finally there is far more suitable employment land available on existing Industrial sites, in Sidmouth, Honiton and Cranbrook to better serve those who are seeking employment. Please sign this petition to preserve the quality of life for many people and to stop this heartless, uncaring proposal going ahead.

Sidford, East Devon

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