To: Our elected representatives

Say NO to fracking in York

Support the petitioners who have declared:

"As local residents we are opposed to unconventional gas extraction (fracking) in York and it's surrounding communities".

Why is this important?

Almost all of the City of York, and the many towns and villages around it, are licensed for fracking.

We call on representatives at all levels to respect the wishes of local residents and stop the unconventional gas industry in this area.

York, England

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Reasons for signing

  • Want to stop the despoilation of the beautiful North Yorkshire area
  • York is a world heritage site, full of old buildings of historic importance. Some towns in Yorkshire e.g. Ripon already have a subsidence problem because of gypsum. We cannot risk anything happening to York, for the sake of the large population that lives there, the national offices that have moved there, and of course for our children, grandchildren and posterity. Greed must not be allowed to destroy our heritage.
  • I put a council motion in 2014 against fracking, which is dangerous to the climate and water quality


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