To: Our elected representatives

Say NO to fracking in York

Support the petitioners who have declared:

"As local residents we are opposed to unconventional gas extraction (fracking) in York and it's surrounding communities".

Why is this important?

Almost all of the City of York, and the many towns and villages around it, are licensed for fracking.

We call on representatives at all levels to respect the wishes of local residents and stop the unconventional gas industry in this area.

York, England


Reasons for signing

  • N.I., Wales and Scotland have banned or have moratoria to prevent fracking due to evidence amassing of risks to public health. The Conservatives are following a drill first policy in England, foisting this onto local residents who will not benefit from it. There is physically no way to fix our environment should it be impacted by fracking. Other European countries are moving away from fracking. Do not let London ride roughshod over our county!
  • i don't want my earth destroyed by fracking ...better safer alternatives.
  • Fracking is non environmental and we only get one earth.


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