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To: Bridgwater Town Council

Say NO to £1,200 Bridgwater Town Councillor Pay Decision

We call for Bridgwater Town Council to reverse the decision made to introduce a £1,200 annual pay (member allowance) for Town Councillors.

We are deeply concerned about the recent decision made by Bridgwater Labour Town Councillors to award themselves a substantial pay award of £1,200 annually while simultaneously imposing a staggering 164% council tax hike on residents, translating to at least an extra £120 per year for each council tax payer.

We implore you to reconsider this self-awarded pay increase. It is fundamentally unjust that councillors are shielding themselves from the financial ramifications of their own council tax hike, creating a clear disparity between the burdens placed on hardworking residents and the comfort enjoyed by the councillors during this cost of living squeeze.

Why is this important?

The recent decisions by Bridgwater Labour Town Councillors not only burden residents with a 164% council tax increase, costing each of us at least an extra £120 annually but also see them awarding themselves a comfortable £1,200 pay annual pay. This self-serving move creates a stark contrast – while they insulate themselves from the financial impact, hardworking residents bear the brunt.

Joining this campaign for change is vital because it's about fairness, accountability, and ensuring that our elected representatives prioritise the community's well-being. No one should be shielded from the consequences of their own decisions, especially when it directly affects the wallets of those they're meant to represent.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to Bridgwater Town Council before the next full council meeting.

Bridgwater, UK

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