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To: UK Government

Say NO to Shein

  • We are calling on the incoming UK Government to intervene to block Shein's application to list on the London Stock Exchange, pending a thorough investigation into Shein’s labour practices, environmental impact and tax arrangements.
  • If the investigation finds that Shein is violating international agreements on labour rights, making use of forced labour, or avoiding tax, the company’s IPO application must be rejected
  • Furthermore, we demand that the UK Government introduce legislation enforcing mandatory social and environmental due diligence for corporations.

Why is this important?

Ultra-fast fashion brand Shein stands accused of exploiting workers, damaging the environment, and avoiding tax. Yet it is currently ramping up plans to sell its shares on the London Stock Exchange.

US lawmakers already rejected Shein's attempt to list on the New York Stock Exchange over alleged labour malpractice and tax avoidance. We must not let them sneak in and make millions on Britain’s financial markets - not while they stand accused of horrendous exploitation of people and the planet.

It’s time to say no to companies that violate workers rights, exacerbate climate breakdown, and avoid taxes. It’s time to Say No to Shein.




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