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To: Elmbridge Borough Council Planning

Say no to Sports Hub in Greenbelt Walton-on-Thames Riverside

Refuse Planning Permission to 2015/0949 EBC to build a Sports Stadium less than 50 metres from the River Thames in the Greenbelt. Refuse permission to add 15 floodlight masts 18 & 22 metres high near the rivers edge with 80 floodlight lamps. Refuse permission to install 6 football pitches so close to a very peaceful part of country side in the Greenbelt.

Why is this important?

The site is 50 metres from the river Thames in a peaceful part of the river in Walton-on-Thames. Between the site and the waters edge sits the Weir Hotel, a public house that was built in 1856 and is frequented by many on a summers evening. The floodlighting will delete the night sky, causing so much light pollution , the bats that use the Thames Corridor for navigation will become confused. A noise survey was carried out in 2012 by the Weir Hotel proving the bats are here. The constant noise from 6 football pitches, 4 rented to the public until 10pm every night will cause noise pollution and destroy the ambience of this area. This proposed site is Council land and Elmbridge Borough Council are applying for planning permission for themselves. Please help us stop them.


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