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To: Chancellor Rishi Sunak

say no to the proposed end to the triple-lock on the state-pension for OAP's

Agree to not impose the scrapping of the triple-lock on the state-pension,in order to protect the basic income of OAP's.

Why is this important?

The government wishes to claw back the amount of £300 billion it has been forced to spend on combatting the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.
The OAP's have worked hard during their lives to become eligible for the state-pension,and any necessary future increases in their state-pensions should not be withheld from them.
The state needs to recoup the £300 billion spent on combatting the pandemic by other means,and not by removing necessary living funds from OAP's.
This governmental proposal will affect myself and all other state pensioners.
This could be done by saving on unnecessary government projects,such as HS2 rail & unnecessary and expensive armaments procurement.



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