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To: West Midlands Ambulance Service

Say no to the removal of Rugby's last ambulance

Say no to the removal of Rugby's last ambulance

Stop the removal of the last ambulance service in Rugby

Why is this important?

West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) wishes to remove the last ambulance station in Rugby. Rugby is a rapidly expanding town and my family has direct experience of long waiting times in an emergency for the ambulance to arrive. With the removal of that ambulance the waiting times for people in this town will get worse and the risk is someone will needlessly lose their life while waiting for an ambulance. In addition Rugby is close to the M6 M1 A14 and A45 - all known for a high number of RTCs.

We want the WMAS to stop this plan and think again. We want to be consulted on changes because we, the residents of the town, pay for this service through our taxes. We want to ensure there is adequate healthcare for the residents of our town. Our public services are being relentlessly degraded at a time the population is growing. Enough is enough.

Rugby, UK

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