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To: Damian Hinds

Say No To Times Tables Test For 8 And 9 Year Old Children

Say No To Times Tables Test For 8 And 9 Year Old Children

Do not introduce testing times tables for 8 and 9 year olds in England

Why is this important?

Teachers already know exactly who needs support in learning times tables. Some children are naturally great at remembering facts, whilst some children will agonise over it. We do not want maths to become fearful for some children. This test is unnecessary.

To introduce another test that will need rehearsal, will add to our children's stress. At a time when we are more and more concerned about our children's mental well-being this is a test too far. Staff who already are under pressure to perform, will continue to leave the profession.

The Government say that they need evidence so that they can put in place more support. Is this really going to happen when we know funding is tight? Will there be more funding for extra staff or will school resources be stretched even thinner?

Schools will be forced to over-learn times tables and so something again on the curriculum will have to go. More time chanting tables, less time on creative subjects such as arts, dance, drama.

We want our children to have skills ready for the 21st Century. We need collaborators, entrepreneurs, free thinkers. We do not need our children to have the skills that were needed for the Victorian Industrial Revolution - which is what our system is currently based on.

So in conclusion, please say no to these times table tests for 8 and 9 year olds. They are not needed. They are not relevant to modern England. They will cause more stress and anguish.


Reasons for signing

  • I agree with all of Soli’s points. This is yet another test that causes damaging stress to both teachers and pupils; further erodes the small amount of time for stimulating, engaging, creative teaching and learning; and is unnecessary in this day and age. It is an absolute lie that the results of the test will trigger additional resources. Schools have been cut to the bone. Children are suffering right now.


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