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To: CEO of Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Sacking of off duty coastguards

Reinstate Ian Pedrick and Richard Ckarkson to duty for going beyond the call of duty on their own time to rescue a car on a cliff edge.

It is absurd that they should be sacked for this act of kindness. Surely the Coastguard wants this quality in their staff? Surely the Coastguard can not take total control of the employees lived and sack them when they are off duty.

I have a high regard for the Coadtguard but this makes no sense to me at all. They are wrong to do this and must be outside their permit to treat these men so badly particularly in their own time.

Their lose in experience and good will from the public must hurt them?

Why is this important?

A large organisation taking this action against worthwhile thoughtful and brave men while doing a car rescue in their own time is unforgiveable and stupid



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