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To: School bodies.

School uniform costs are out of control.

School uniform costs are out of control.

Stop forcing parents to buy uniforms from school shops or dedicated suppliers that charge up to 4 times the amount similar uniforms cost in the supermarkets.

Why is this important?

Not everyone has the money to buy even one school uniform at the inflated price the school charges. Examples of the overpricing for example, trousers at supermarket are priced between £3-£4. School suppliers often charge £15-£18 for the same. Typically, children need at least 3 pairs of trousers and 5 shirts/blousers.


Reasons for signing

  • School uniforms cost the earth but it's ok for us to pay fortunes on a uniform that we can't afford and for the school to lose them and it happens far to often my poor son is going to school without a jumper because the school have lost 3 of his jumpers in less then 6 months it's outrageous.
  • Over-priced clothing which DOES NOT last...consider how quick children grow as teenagers, and then factor in the cost of having to constantly replace. We live in the 21st century ...bring uniforms in line---what's wrong with plain black trousers/skirt and a logo'd hoodie..with an ID lanyard??
  • The cost of our school's PE kit has quadrupled. Instead of being able to buy a school logo polo shirt at around £12 plus generic shorts, we now have to buy a full sports team kit costing £92. That doesn't even include shin pads, football socks, trainers and football boots. The head teacher said that they changed this because she'd had feedback about how good the football teams looked in their team kit. It's about time schools thought more about affordability rather than appearance.


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