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To: Michael Matheson

Scot Rail timetable Disadvantaging Areas North of Dundee

Scot Rail timetable Disadvantaging Areas North of Dundee

Review the changes Scot Rail made to their timetable in December 2018 and at the very least reinstate the service prior to these changes to smaller stations particularly North of Dundee. The changes have restricted the options of people in these areas to use rail travel for journeys particularly at peak times for work and increased the amount of changes required to travel between areas North of Dundee going to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Why is this important?

Individuals who do not have their own transport have had opportunities to work in towns and cities reduced. Individuals with transport have had the option to help reduce their carbon footprint seriously limited as direct rail travel is not available at peak times.

Tayside, Dundee and Aberdeenshire

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Reasons for signing

  • No direct train to go south without changing in Montrose. Just a joke
  • Service poor,
  • No direct trains South to Edinburgh or Glasgow. Last journey South I considered driving to Montrose to avoid the long wait at Montrose but trying to park at Montrose station is well nigh impossible due to lack of capacity.


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