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To: Grant Shapps

Scrap HS2 in favour of re-opening the Great Central Railway and divert funds to Flood Defences

Scrap HS2 in favour of re-opening the Great Central Railway and divert funds to Flood Defences

The funds saved from HS2 should be diverted into flood defences which have been drastically underfunded to serve the political ideology of austerity.

Why is this important?

The homes of the people of the UK are far more important than a vanity project to build a whole new line to cut travel time when the infrastructure already exists to do this.

The Great Central Railway was closed in the 1960s and has the capacity to take high speed trains. It survives almost totally intact and would serve the same purpose as HS2 at a fraction of the cost.

‘ Re-opening The Great Central Railway fulfils all the main objectives of HS2 without the excruciating cost, the environmental objections and absurdities of the latter project.‘

People are suffering and putting the money saved from a ridiculously inappropriate vanity project into flood defences will save livelihoods and protect our communities.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • HS2 is unnecessary - the railway can be improved much more cheaply than this
  • This makes perfect sense. The route is already there in one form or another. No need to clear pristine woodlands.
  • HS2 is London-centric, too expensive & will destroy too much woodland. Money could be better spent on various projects - such as the Labour manifesto promises, as well as GCR & flood defences.


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