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To: Dwp


Scrap the universal credit benifit.

Why is this important?

The universal credit benifit system is a sham and is causing more and more people into poverty and in some cases loosing their homes. The whole system is flawed because its supposed to encourage people back into work, but the only thing it does is get people into debt and pay Lower amounts compared to any other benefits, so it only holds people over a barrel making them have no choice but to be pushed into work. Also the agreement you make in order to receive this benefit makes it highly likely for you to fail and be sanctioned eventually stopping the benefits all together. It needs to go and a better system and process needs to happen!!!

How it will be delivered

We need enough signatures in order to deliver this petition to our local government official, Yvette Cooper.


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2022-02-01 18:50:32 +0000

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