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To: Sunderland Council

Seaburn Tram Shelter - no change of use.

Seaburn Tram Shelter - no change of use.

We want Seaburn tram shelter to remain as it is, in its original form and for its original purpose; as a free shelter for visitors and residents. We want Sunderland Council to revoke their decision to lease this building and to commit to maintaining the building for future visitors and residents.

Why is this important?

Seaburn tram shelter is of local and national significance. It has been part of the local Seaburn /Roker coastal landscape since 1901. The building is grade ll listed by Historic England, described as an ‘elegant and attractive’ example of architecture. The locals have taken the building to their hearts; it’s a free space to take shelter, it evokes personal stories and is a much loved ornamental building that serves a community purpose.

We do not support the plan to change the tram shelter into a cafe as there are lots of traders already offering a range of food and drink on the Seaburn / Roker seafront.

We need free space to take shelter.

Sunderland, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • It is important to preserve elegant architecture
  • Its part of our history
  • Historic building not many left


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