To: Cardiff County Council

Second Disabled Parking Space in Station Road Area Radyr

I am putting this together so that Cardiff Council consider adding another disabled parking bay in the Station Road area of Radyr

Why is this important?

Over the past forty years Radyr has grown from 900 houses to over 3000. Houses tend to have more than one car also.

I have lived in Radyr for over 30 years and I have cerebral palsy affecting my mobility and I have a blue badge. I work in Station Road area and find it very hard to park down there socially and when I go to work. Sometimes I have no choice but to park in the Disabled Bay with my badge, which according to current regulations I am entitled to do.

A complaint has been made against me to Cardiff Council about me parking there during work time. They are looking to impose a 3 hour limit on the space currently.

I would like to be able to park outside my workplace or in other spaces but I am unable to due to train station commuters or people not following current restrictions. I fall on a regular basis and I am unable to walk long distances.

I hate the fact that me parking there has upset people so much that they feel the need to complain about me. I would ideally like Cardiff County Council to reconsider putting a second space in for Blue Badge holders.

Some may argue that businesses may be put off by a second space going into Station Road. The residents of. Radyr are living longer and there are more badges being issued. Areas like Whitchurch and Llandaff have more than one disabled space. It may encourage blue badge holders to shop locally.

Thank you,



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Reasons for signing

  • More people + more cars = a need for more parking spaces.
  • It seems ridiculous that there are so few disabled spaces that a person parking legally in one in order to get to work comes under attack. There need to be more disabled spaces and proper policing of the current parking.
  • I have known Vicky since birth, I have grown up and have seen the difficulties her disability presents with everyday tasks. In this current job climate accessibility to work travel and parking should not have barriers put in the way.


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