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To: Greater London Authority

Secure the long-term protection of Crossbones Graveyard

Secure the long-term protection of Crossbones Graveyard

“We, the undersigned, call on the Greater London Authority in considering granting planning permission for the Landmark Court development to ensure that Crossbones Graveyard remains a protected memorial garden in perpetuity and that the GLA acknowledges its own role as the landowner (through TfL) as the custodian of the Graveyard, promoting it as a key heritage, cultural, community and spiritual asset in a Tier 1 Archaeological Priority Area. We call on the GLA to acknowledge and ensure that:
1. Crossbones Graveyard is a destination and a sanctuary not a thoroughfare;
2. In the GLA’s role as custodian of the site, that it ensure an appropriate management body (open spaces charity/community group e.g. Bankside Open Spaces Trust) is appointed as the steward of the site throughout the lease term. The lease itself to be transferable to another similar management body.
3. Crossbones Graveyard is protected through a long term lease and associated management agreement which reflects Crossbones position as a heritage site – 299 years / in perpetuity;
4. Funding is assured throughout the life of the lease for site supervision (wardens) and maintenance to protect the historic material culture on site.”

Why is this important?

To protect Crossbones Graveyard and Memorial Garden as a key heritage, cultural, community and spiritual asset.


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Reasons for signing

  • Crossbones is a unique place in the world and is preserving the local history of London.
  • I signed because I want crossbones to be kept as a garden of rememberance. Dave 500
  • because this place is unique and the people buried here deserve to be remembered not just disposed of as if they never mattered. its also lovely and the care and attention given to its upkeep should be rewarded by lots of visitors coming to see it.


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