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To: Hasting Borough Council

Securing a permanent provision for disability access to the sea in Hastings

I propose a permanent provision in Hastings for disability access to the sea, as many other towns around the UK have achieved.

I have found two locations where provisions could potentially be installed.

The 1st is the stade, where there is already path leading out towards the sea, ready to be extended.

The second is at the Marina seafront in St. Leonards, it has a groyne to build on to avoid problems with shifting shingle.

There is access to both these locations and they are both near good parking facilities.

Please sign this petition and when we have good numbers, I will take this proposal to the Hastings Borough Council.

Why is this important?

On a hot day like this, I can cross the road, jump in the sea without a seconds thought. 

I don't need to plan weeks in advance, hire expensive equipment and be at a specific place at a certain time. Who actually wants this? It takes the whole fun out of it.

I can't believe I live in a town populated of almost 90 thousand people and no permanent disability access to the sea! 

Hastings has always been about inclusivity, and being able to take a dip on a sweltering day like today is a very basic human right.

There has already been great interest in this idea from many people in the Hastings area and people have come forward to say it has always been a dream to go in the sea whenever they want.

With your help we can make these dreams a reality.

Hastings Beach, United Kingdom

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