To: Dominic Raab MP

Sell houses locally first

Sell houses locally first

Implement stricter policies against the purchasing of houses in the UK as holiday homes or investments. Comparatively, higher taxation on long term unoccupied housing to dis-incentivize investors buying them up for profit. Finally, send out right-to-buy orders on many of the currently unoccupied homes in the UK and make them available again for the public to purchase.

Why is this important?

Impoverished families are struggling to improve their quality of life as the housing market is made so competitive and expensive by the purchase of these homes. It also hurts student's chances of breaking in to the property market until they are in their 30s it is predicted, and the homeless population in the UK is still growing while these houses sit unused and unavailable.

Some families are forced to live in derelict conditions as house prices continue to rise out of their range, which means they remain in locations where violence, theft, and other dangers could be a problem. The more houses are bought up and create a rise in house prices with the lower availability of housing, the more local families are pushed out of their home locations as rent rises and they musk seek homes somewhere else.