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To: FAWC, Government

Sheep Need Shelter

I want them to supply the shelter for sheep and all animals that they are supposed to provide, and stop getting away with Murder leaving animals out in all weathers to freeze to death!!
It's evil, it's barbaric! It's unnecessary.

I want it to be law the you HAVE to PROVIDE SHELTER in the form of some kind of dwelling with clean, dry bedding for animals to retreat to in bad weather, and for this law to be subject to checks, enforcement, to make sure no animal has to suffer.

Why is this important?

I am campaigning for Shelter 4 Sheep. Animals are left out in appalling weather conditions and they have nowhere to go to get relief. farmers should be made to provide adequate dwellings for shelter.

It is important because animals deserve better. No animal should have to endure days and nights out in the freezing, icy winds, rain, snow, frost!
Why do people think animals do not want somewhere nice to retreat to in bad weather? Why do they think they do not want a place to go out of the cold?
Animal welfare rules state shelter MUST be provided, and it seldom is. I've even had an official from a council come out to look at some sheep in a field with nothing more than a water trough, and tell me `Yes adequade shelter has been provided, there are hedges all round the field` that is not good enough! Shelter needs to be also a building, a dwelling to go into, to get out of the chilly winds, the wet rain, the freezing cold snow!

I have seen sheep die infront of my eyes due to farmers failing to provide shelter for them, due to farmers failing to provide veterinary care for their stock.

It is cruel it is evil.

Then you get the crowd who say, " They wouldn't have buildings in the wild."
That's as maybe but what they would have had is trees to go under, Bracken, foliage, bushes, all the things Humans take from them, to put them in a field surrounded by an electric fence.

Also the one's who say - " They have very thick fleeces, they are hardy animals."
Yes they have thick fleeces, but they still deserve a place to go to get out of the wet and cold.

Would you sleep well if you had stood out in the pouring rain all day, nowhere dry to sit down, nowhere to go to get away from it, you had to endure it until it stops, then you do not always get sun to dry the ground immediately or dry your coat.
Would you sleep well and feel ok if you had to stand out all day and night in blizzards of freezing snow? Then only have wet, frozen ground to sit or lie on? No. You would be very ill and most likely die.

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