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To: Bedford Estates

Shooting packages in UK conservation parks

Stop 'trophy hunting' from taking place anywhere in the UK and being marketed internationally on the novelty of being able to shoot ‘rare and exotic’ deer breeds.

Why is this important?

You probably think that trophy hunting is something that happens abroad. But anyone looking to bag an animal’s head to grace that empty spot on their wall needs only to head to deepest, darkest Bedfordshire where they can shoot rare deer, or, for those financially stretched, wallabies and even sheep.

A small number of overseas firms are now offering trophy-shooting packages in this county, which boasts several impressive deer parks. A ‘grade A’ red deer stag, highly prized by hunters because of its magnificent antlers, can be shot for a £9,000 trophy fee, according to an online price list dated 2018 and distributed by the Danish travel company 'Limpopo & Diana Hunting Tours'.

A “grade A” Père David can be shot for £6,965, according to an email sent by Limpopo & Diana Hunting Tours to a potential client interested in shooting deer, who shared it with the 'Observer'.

“Woburn Park is ideal for this and we can do Père David and red stag as well,” the company’s sales director explained to the client.

Alternatively, those on a shoestring can visit a different park in Bedfordshire, which has no links to Woburn, and bag a wallaby for £220 or shoot a Soay sheep, known for its large horns and agility. A ram commands a trophy fee of £600 while a ewe is only £150, according to Limpopo & Diana’s price list.

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