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To: BBC Wales

Show Wales vs Belarus on BBC 2 Wales

Please show the forthcoming women's qualifying match against Belarus on BBC2 Wales.

Why is this important?

15th August 2019, BBC Wales published the information that "BBC Cymru Wales will broadcast every game of the qualifying campaign live, with home games broadcast on BBC Two Wales, and every home and away leg live on BBC Radio Wales. There will also be coverage online on the BBC Sport website and on BBC Cymru Fyw."

Since this statement was made, we have already lost the home fixture to the Faroes to the Red Button. We would like BBC Wales to return to their original commitment and ensure that the final game of the campaign, the home fixture against Belarus on December the 1st, will be shown on BBC2 Wales, with the high standard of coverage that we know they are capable of. If luck goes our way, qualification could ride on this fixture and to have it relegated to a platform that not everyone can use, at a time when fans are unable to attend games, would be a crying shame.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver this petition via email.

Wales, UK

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