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To: The next government

Show your support for Disabled people

The next government should use the Disabled Peoples Manifesto, our document that sets out what we want them to do to give us equal life chances, into a programme to make big changes in society.

Why is this important?

There are over 14 million Disabled people in the UK.

Some of us are treated more unfairly than others. But we have lots of things in common. We all want to live in an inclusive society. We want to live in a community where everyone has a fulfilling life. We want everyone to feel connected and valued.

We are asking the next UK Government to bring in a programme to make big changes in society.

This programme should change how decisions are made and how funding is allocated. Right now,the way things are done slt in discrimination against Disabled people.

The Disabled People's Manifesto sets out what we want them to do to end this discrimination.

We all want the right support to be there when we need it.

Our plan asks for four key things to be put in place:
•Representation and Voice: We want to have a voice and have a say about things that are important to us. Nothing about us without us.
•Rights: We want to have the same rights as everyone else.
•Independence: We want the same choice and controlover our lives as everyone else.
•Inclusion: We want to be included in society as equal citizens.




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