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To: National Cinema chains/public venues

Sign and State - Improved Disabled Access

Sign and State - Improved Disabled Access

In the event of poor, limited, or no access available for disabled patrons, make it a requirement for this information to be displayed both at the venues and part of all information sources.

Over this past week in London alone, I have been unable to access a number of venues in London as a wheelchair user due to either lifts being out of action or 'reasonable adjustments' not being made in accordance with the law.

Whilst lifts do inevitably breakdown, provision at the Odeon Cinema in Panton Street, had been broken for two months and The Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square has no access.
Combined with the embarrassment of staff members, situations such as these appear to reflect the poor cultural attitudes towards disabled people and their engagement in society.

If venues that are unable to cater for disabled patrons - For a variety of reasons - sign and state their position, it will hopefully raise awareness as a precursor to wider social change

Why is this important?

We are living in the 21st Century. Against the backdrop of #MeToo, gender advancement and increased LGBT+ inclusion, disability rights continually are left behind as the poor relation of societal oppression when it is part of the same struggle for liberation.
It is, for example, frustrating to see venues hold celebratory 'Pride' when a number of participants are excluded from taking part due to access issues.

The request, therefore, that venues sign and state in respect of disabled access is an attempt to promote a dialogue that leads to change



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