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To: The people of the United Kingdom

We’re Standing Together for Humanity

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Our thoughts, love, and prayers are with all civilians suffering in Israel and Palestine. We mourn the loss of all those killed.

We stand united in the belief that whatever our differences and disagreements, we can and must find a way to live together in peace, both here in the UK and around the world.

We believe in peaceful communities where people of all backgrounds can disagree well and live together safely and free from hate or discrimination of any kind.

We are alarmed by the rise in antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate in the UK, and agree there is no place for hate in our communities.

Why is this important?

There has been a shocking spike in antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate in the UK since the escalation of conflict in Israel and Palestine following the October 7th attacks.

From 7th October to 22nd November, CST have recorded 1563 antisemitic incidents across the UK – the highest total recorded within the same period since it began recording data in 1984.

During the period from 7th October to 19th November, Tell MAMA recorded 895 anti-Muslim cases, a six-fold increase in cases from the same period in 2022.

Many people are feeling hopeless and powerless, and desperately want a space to mourn collectively, and stand united against hate.

The vast majority of people mourn the loss of all civilians in Israel and Palestine, and stand united against antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate.

Add your name today and stand with us.

Next steps

We’re building a movement to bring communities together and show that whatever our disagreements over Israel and Palestine we can live together peacefully, stand united against hate, and collectively mourn all those we have lost.

We recently held a small vigil in London, with hundreds of people gathering at short notice for a moment of reflection and togetherness.

Now, we’re inviting people from all corners of the country to join us opposite Downing Street this Sunday 3rd December at 3pm for a mass vigil, with faith leaders, bereaved families from different backgrounds, and other speakers.

Standing together, we’ll light thousands of lanterns and hold a symbolic moment of silence. No flags, no slogans, just people coming together. You can find out more at

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