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To: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Sign the petition: stop cuts to our NHS and public services by taxing the super rich

Tax the super rich to raise £37bn for our struggling NHS and public services.

Why is this important?

The new prime minister, Rishi Sunak, is looking to cut money from our NHS and struggling public services. He is looking for a way to pay for the disastrous budget decisions made by his predecessor Liz Truss. But with services like the NHS at breaking point we can’t take another round of cuts.

Meanwhile the super rich just keep getting richer. We need to start taxing their wealth to support our struggling public services. For example, a 1% tax on super rich people with assets worth over £10 million could bring in £10 billion a year. This money could be put straight back into the NHS and our public services.

The government has to act.

Rishi Sunak must raise money by taxing the super rich – they must pay their share. With our NHS under severe strain, it’s never been more important for the super rich to pay more tax.




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