To: Teresa May

Sink the Snoopers Charter

Sink the Snoopers Charter

The snoopers charter is supposed to protect the citizens of the UK but in it's current form it removes all our civil liberties.

Why is this important?

However well meaning this may be to start with, removes the rights and civil liberties that this nation was built on.

There is little or no judicial overview and as such this law is going to be misused. You only have to look to 1950's America to see how things could get out of hand so easily. McCarthyism blighted ordinary, innocent citizens lives for decades. We cannot let this happen in the UK.


Reasons for signing

  • Intrusive and yes could be misused
  • This is inhumane, disgusting in all ways and is going to destroy small companies or people like myself who have been trying to make it somewhere in life. Government surveillance should not be a cost incurred on every day citizens.


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