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To: SKY TV Controller

SKY - Allow SNP on Leader's Debate

SKY - Allow SNP on Leader's Debate

We as Scottish Sky subscribers demand that you allow fair political debate among all parties, or we will en-mass cancel our subscriptions immediately. It is undemocratic that the largest political party in Scotland and the third largest at Westminster cannot participate in your Election TV Debate.

Why is this important?

Scottish voters will be listening to the debate and will be restricted to the policies of two or three political parties who do not speak for a large proportion of the Scottish Electorate. Further-more, by not allowing the SNP a platform, you are reducing their ability to convert non-SNP voters to consider voting for the party and their policies.

We are not asking for any preferential treatment, only that you treat all parties the same. As Scots, we pay the same SKY fees as the rest of the country and it is important that our voices are heard. We were told this was a Union of Equals and we ask SKY TV to ensure that during this election we are made to feel that statement is true.


Reasons for signing

  • Scotland is still member of the UK, therefore we have every right to debate against those who wish to withdraw us from the European union.
  • Snp deserve a voice
  • Sky will be transmitting this debate into Scottish homes. The SNP, our largest party in both Holyrood and Westminster, will not be seen or heard. What message does that send to voters in Scotland.


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