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To: Chemical companies, farmers, general public

Protect animals from dangerous slug pellets

Refuse to use slug pellets that are a danger to domestic & wild animals

Why is this important?

My beloved Spanish rescue dog, Leo, died after eating slug pellets on a field bordering a public path. If I had been aware that pellets were used commercially on fields Leo would have been leashed, I always avoided fields for a week after spraying.

In my frustration & anger at loosing my companion I decided to investigate the pellet problem & what I discovered is horrific.

1 tsp kills per 10 kl - what effect does this have on wildlife ?? No wonder we hardly see hedgehogs, toads, birds in abundance. Something must be done before we destroy populations of creatures that have a right to coexist with us.

I am trying to collate data but its very difficult. If anyone can assist please contact me via this petition page.

The government and companies will not listen to ordinary folk we need to approach them as a united group.

I have just found a site that monitors poisoning so if anyone wants to report an incident this is the contact 0800 321600. It is run by Natural England.

I have just discovered that the Vet practice where Leo was treated does not keep data on poisoning, therefore neither can they be aware of the above - I assume most people take their pets to the Vet when they appear poisoned so it woulds seem that a lot of useful, provable data is lost by not being officially recorded. Pls contact your Vet to ascertain wether this is a common mistake so I can try to persuade the Govt to make poison registration compulsory.

How it will be delivered

I need advice on that, pls.



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