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To: Boreham Parish Council

Do not charge Small Steps Preschool to use the park

Do not charge Small Steps Preschool to use the park

Do not charge Small Steps preschool for use of a public park

Why is this important?

Boreham Parish Council have announced they are going to charge Small Steps Pre-school to continue to use the small children's play area at the back of the village hall.

They say that even though Small Steps is a registered charity they must contribute towards the upkeep of the area as they are a business.

Small Steps has used the playground for over 10 years and have always allowed others to use the playground at all times. I believe that it is vital for children's health and wellbeing to spend time outdoors exercising.

Boreham, Chelmsford

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Reasons for signing

  • To demonstrate some Councillors are on your side. Public Parks should be free at the point of use. Your taxes has already contributed to these Open Spaces services.
  • Half of today's problems have been caused by the conservatives continued withdrawal of leisure facilities for young people.viz a viz,clouded of swimming pools,selling off of playing fields etc etc.
  • Ridiculous idea. The children can play free of charge if with their parents but have to pay if with their pre-school class.


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