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To: Elizabeth Truss - Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

New Obligation for Solar-Window Development

New Obligation for Solar-Window Development

Dear Minister,

I am campaigning for you to help the development of transparent solar conductors for future use as windows in public buildings. This will give the means for buildings to be reasonably self-sufficient and produce electrical energy for FREE - a word that gets attention.

Scientists have recently created transparent glass-like cells that act as solar conductors. This, in my view, is a massive step for the renewable energy sector as they allow solar energy to be harnessed without having to install the conventional conductors which have been argued to be an "eye-sore".

Why is this important?

Using these solar conductors will be a benefit to raising the proportion of renewable eletricity sales under the Utilities Act of 2000 and it is only a matter of time until these windows get created commercially - no doubt at a great price. The future revenue created by these solar-windows will far exceed it's expenditure, not to mention the benefit of jobs created in the short-term.

With the introduction of the Feed-in Tariff in 2010 people will be able to buy and install these themselves and the UK government will lose out on selling vast amounts of energy back to the grids. As a citizen I would love to harness the energy myself and live off-grid but this petition is not for me, it is for the future of the UK's energy sector and the general land itself.

With certain moves in place to try and start mass shale gas "fracking" I am genuinely afraid of the effects this will have to our water supplies, energy prices and the general geography of our country. As the environment minister you are obliged to ease the minds of those of us who are closely watching how you are ensuring the UK are at the forefront of sustainable development and that you actually care about climate change.


Reasons for signing

  • What a great improvement to those large dark tiles !
  • Like Llew, I am also genuinely afraid of the effects fracking will have on our water supplies, energy prices and the general geography of our country. GO GREEN!


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