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To: Southwark Council

Southwark Council MUST consult estate residents before destroying planting they've put in

Southwark Council MUST consult estate residents before destroying planting they've put in

Southwark Council regularly destroy planting put in by residents across their housing estates with no consultation or engagement. For myself, they are currently threatening a long bed (20m) that I have spent 7 years, £1000 of my own money, and sought funding from charitable institutions of £500, developing.

I say this cannot stand.

Southwark Council officers, and our councillors, MUST:

- reach out to residents to engage with them.

- treat residents with respect, recognising that this is their home.

- consult on any works that will damage or destroy planting that residents have put in.

- ensure protection for planting that encourages the biodiversity of our estates, such as planting for bees and birds

Why is this important?

Thousands of residents across the borough are routinely run roughshod over, treated as problems that make council officers' lives harder. But we are why they are here, why they have jobs in the first place. These are our homes, and it is not right to come to someone's home and start destroying it without even having a conversation first.


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Reasons for signing

  • When will councils realise that the estate are homes to the residents and they are not just there as an act of charity by the council. Estates should be run by the tenants for their benefit and not be treated as some sort of serfs to the almighty council landlords
  • Councils should be celebrating residents who work on their estates, not treating them like dirt!!
  • My own garden patch has been a passion project I've laboured on for 7 years. To think Southwark Council could come and tear it up in a day, whilst I'm at work, without even speaking to me, is absolutely devastating and heartbreaking


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