To: alison reed

SOWAP Cultural crusade for High West Street

SOWAP Cultural crusade for High West Street

save local music and local culture in Weymouth, specifically at the Boot Inn and the Belvedere Inn. Both excellent historical establishments with a long history of fostering local culture.

Why is this important?

We can't allow distant short sighted small minded thinking to continue to erode our wonderful home. Enough is enough

The Belvedere Inn, High West Street, Weymouth

Reasons for signing

  • Why on earth do people buy properties near to pubs then expect the pubs to change? Stupid is as stupid does. Keep music and culture alive!
  • The continual erosion of hard pressed small businesses at the whim of the nimbly brigade has got to stop. The pubs were ther long before they were
  • Save our historic establishments from annoying NIMBY's!!!


2017-03-08 02:33:30 +0000

Sorry about the tautology earlier. Hate tautology...

2017-03-08 02:32:20 +0000

Spoke to the lovely echo Alex earlier and she's promised to convert my rantings into a coherent article. Soon... Also bbc solent and wessex fm should soon be talking to someone sensible on the team imminently .. Vicky?.. Tom?.... Not me?.. We hope to take this one at least national, please keep spamming and signing. WPBC need a proverbial slap, let's make this it x

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