To: All MPs

Spare a thought for our younger generation in education and health care

There needs to be a refocussing of policies in government from catering to the needs of the older people to the needs and development of the younger generation from children at the age of five through adolosecence into the early twenties when university education at the graduation level and apprentices level ends.

We as a society spend too much money the National Health Service to keep older people alive for longer and longer as the economic depression worsens from the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on childrens development is the first casualty in the cavalier battle against the disease with billions spent on saving lives per se rather than improving the quality of lives of the generation that does matter in our own self interest for they are who we would be relying on to create wealth in the future when the pandemic is controlled.

Accordingly, children should not be isolated in seclusion and made to suffer mental health anxieties at such a vulnerable time when they are supposed to learning to stand on their own two feet and making plans to get married and establish a home of their own to bring up their own children who would be our grandchildren.

Resources spent on adult health and social care should therefore be diverted to catering for the educational facilities of the young for which the school curriculum should be revised to make them strong individuals with a diverse academic background not just fit for monotonous jobs in the business sector. The focus should therefore be on children's development rather than the needs of the economy per se.

Mental health should be reorganised for the young into mentoring them for their adulthood with full facts and transparency on the inadequacies of historical religions to the present day life on Earth, encouraging them to socialise widely in the rest of humanity through social media and other such forums.

Children up to the age of 21 find that lack of parental and societal guidance leaves them vulnerable to finding the meaning of life in following popstars, sportsmen and sportswomen and other cinematic celebrities and going into performance arts themselves with hope that this would generate real and long lasting happiness and wealth. Such hopes are unfounded as only they not only have a limited shelf life leaving them unfulfilled as adults but also only a tiny fraction of the young people who seek such careers find their way to the top of their chosen vocations.

Student fees should be abolished and children's eductation up to the age of 21 should be State-funded in terms of living expenses as well. The over 65s should be allowed to take care of themselves after their retirement from regular employment at this age and no one should be encouraged to work beyond this age so that the younger generation should get the opportunities to take their own places in employment by replacing the older generation.

Children should be encouraged to be free-thinking and not brainwashed by the older generation into what is right or wrong conduct except through basic moral science, and not religion.

Why is this important?

We need to take care of the pennies and the pound will take care of themselves. This means that the younger generation should not be treated as if they do not have a mind of their own and are to be ruled over by the so-called mature old as their parents and grandparents and teachers in schools and universities. This is needed to make the children strong from an early age to be able to fend for themselves in a very dangerous environment of adults who seek to use the young in drug peddling and commit crimes against the young boys and women such as sexual offences. Children should be taught to be very careful of who they associate with according to the saying 'tell me your friends and I will tell you what they are. The young must not be coerced into socialism per se.