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To: Bushey Country Club

Special Needs school for Social emotional and mental health, ADHD & Autism

The need for an SEMH School is vital as there is a massive shortage of spaces for children that are in need of an SEMH school. The closest SEMH Primary from Bushey is 12miles away and a waiting list of a year and on going every year. There are so many families in this position and have nowhere for their child to go. The Bushey country club could be the ideal place for a primary through to Secondary giving a possible 100 places or more in total. This would not effect Bushey in the way that all other plans proposed so far and nothing is more needed than a SEMH school.

Why is this important?

No spaces within specifically SEMH schools and the closest primary being Haywood Grove with limited spaces and a 1year waiting list. We have a few Secondary SEMH Schools but all with waiting lists therefore these children are without an education or support as it’s just a waiting game. These Children have a right to an education and there is plenty of evidence that there are not enough schools catering for SEMH therefore why is nothing being done to change this.
We need this to change, something needs to be done.
The fact that there are schools struggling with the ability to keep children within their school that need the kind of support that only a Special Needs School can give and get the most out of their education, this being in a School that best caters for their needs. There are children at risk of being permanently excluded because they are unable to follow the everyday expectations of mainstream which has a decremental effect on their Education, Self-esteem and mental health due to the inability to be able to converse within mainstream.
I have been in this situation for nearly 2 yrs and it was one of the most stressful time of my life, feeling like you are failing your child.
This situation needs to be addressed and would take pressure of mainstream schools and families struggling with the uncertainty of what there child’s future will look like. As mentioned there is a SEMH Secondary but again a waiting list, also the fact that Falconer is without green space to use on a daily basis and this is a necessity for for all schools to have, particularly an SEMH.
Please sign and support change.

How it will be delivered

To Hertfordshire and Hertsmere County Council, Oliver Dowden, Bushey Mp and All Local Councillors

High St, Bushey WD23 1TT, UK

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